Greetings to the Depraved and Sleep Deprived;

Let me begin by saying that I am technologically challenged (and might I add, financially challenged as a result), so creating a blog is a bit out of character for me. On the other hand, nighttime mania, my unfortunate superpower, allows me to think and act in mystifying ways. Thus the birth of my crippled brainchild. The following content is unapologetic, crass, and certainly not politically correct. So if you have a proclivity towards Hallmark, Disney, and tact--or if your circadian rhythms are like a velvety Beethoven symphony --this may not be the blog for you. For all of you unfortunate, standing and pleading at the gates of R.E.M.; you, white-knuckled while awaiting your Ambien prescription refill; you, counting endless sheep--so many that you could felt around the world...Welcome. It is nice to finally have some company.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Know Your Sleeping's Fucked When...

(1) you are on the cats' 4am playtime schedule.  Unfortunately, I am a bit too loud when running back and forth down the hall. 
(2) it's 4:30am, and you are sending out emails inquiring about government loans
(3) you make a bed in your breakfast, instead of the other way around
(4) you take real-time video footage of your stomach flattening (I look ten pounds lighter in the a.m., and I am bound and determined to solve the mystery)
(5) most of your ideas come between the hours of 12 and 4am
(5) you are considering introducing a 4th meal into your day
(6) you are blogging at 5:07am

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  1. You come by this and your mum are night owls...hoot hoot!